Thursday, 11 June 2009


Got up late today and left Springfield feeling refreshed and ready to cover some miles.

The weather was warm and a bit too humid; ok once we were moving on the bikes though.

Disaster! About and hour or so on the road and just outside Gay Parito - population 20 (yes that's 20) I got a puncture in the rear tyre. AAA would take about 2 days and the nearest BMW dealer is 150 miles.

What's a guy to do but find a Route 66 collectors garage owned by Gary who looked after us, provided ice cold soda and called some favours (thanks Gary).

Curtis (Harley man and certified 'Big Dog Engineer') tried to use his tyre 'plug kit' (thanks Curtis) but in the end the bike was hitched to a trailer (thanks Stan) and taken to a bike dealer. (thanks Ken) the only one with a tyre that fits (yes turns out the BMW tyre size is not easy to get in the US).

So 5 hours and $370 later we are back on 66 and heading for Kansas.

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