Monday, 8 June 2009

Sunday. It was inevitable!

I told Steven to keep the speed down but would he listen... Errr no! After riding though a fairly residential area a local Sheboygan Police Office "blue lighted" him. Not sure what he said to her but his English charm definitely didn't work. Next thing we know the hand cuffs were out. Not sure when he will be released!!
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  1. AMAZING! I was once cuffed by that same officer!! Joffy x

  2. Oh dear !!! so did you get let out of jail free or was there a fine to pay. calm down now

  3. Steven !!! stop speeding. You always say i speed but I was stop just once and you ?!! x

  4. haha ... i know that lady, good try boys ;-)))

  5. It Must be the concealed weapon up the front of his jumper !!! (Oh !! Thats just middle age spread)
    Could be that he's wearing a HOODIE !