Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Grand Canyon - south rim to north rim

Now here's a problem! From the south rim on the canyon to the north
rim of the canyon is about 10 miles as the crow flys. We had two choices

A) trek into the canyon on foot all the way to the bottom and back out
the other side! eeerrrrr - that's a "no" for plan a; or

B) take the senic road route (about 350 miles) to the closest easterly
crossing point the Navajo Bridges.

We obviously took plan B and it was a lovely ride. Traffic free roads
with twists and turns rising and falling.

OMG! We crossed over the Navajo Bridges, stopped to take some pictures
and the got on the bikes. A quick check on the fuel situation showed
only 50 miles of furl remaing on Andys bike and 60 on Stevens.
Checking on the SatNav for the nearest petrol station shows a Shell
garage 65 miles away (in a direct line - about 75 miles by road - and
all up hill) Oh no!!!!!!!

Cautiously we drive out of the car park and 50 yards around the corner
there's a gas station :-))))))) Relieved, we brimmed the tanks and
head on!

Made good time across the open roads of the North rim and stayed the
night in a tiny town across the state line into Utah (where everything
seems twice as expensive as Arizona)

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