Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Riding

Stats: Police - zero; road kill - zero; falling off - zero; steven going the wrong way up a one way street - 1. Doh

So we had an early start with a quick walk up the gorge at Watkins Glen (also famous for its street racing circuit) before getting on the road to Niagara via a dam.

Niagara, had a lot of water falling a great distance and LOTS of tourists...

We have passed into Canada and continued North. The lakes here are beautiful and MASSIVE. Have a look at the map and the scale marker!

The traffic has been really heavy. We caught the Friday evening traffic that seemed to last all afternoon.

We have arrived at Barrie(?) and as I type this Steven (still with flu and dosed on neurofen) has stuffed two crab cakes from the 'crab shake'... By the way, excellent service here - just in case you ever come to town!

Time to sign off finish the beers and get an early night - yes my bum is sore!!!
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  1. Man-flu? Or swine-flu?
    Drive safely ....... and not too fast! The next State Trooper might not be so kind to you.

  2. Barrie - I've been there ! stayed in a log cabin when i was 11 !! - watch the speed limit now boys :-)