Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday; the end of Route 66

Up for an early start to miss the desert heat. As we travel west the desert starts to break up and the ground starts to turn green.
We pass through the mountain ranges and head down R66 towards LA. The traffic gets heavier and heavier, we pass down Sunset Bvd and then Santa Monica Bvd. Its overcast here and temperatures are about 25 deg C but it feels hot in the bike gear as we slow to a crawl.
The last 10 miles have taken an hour and we approach the end on Route66.

The official end of the road is a crossroads over Hwy1. There is no marker, no sign, nothing to show the end of this great road.
The ultimate anti climax.

So we move to the end of Colorado Ave where we see the Pier and the Pacific Ocean.

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