Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Death Valley

Was hot! The ride past Vegas seemed to go on and on and there was just nothing but a road that lasted for 3 hours and had 3 bends in it. Then we got to the valley and wound down from about 2500 ft to 270 ft below sea level. By the time we stopped to take a look at the visitor centre the temperature had increased from 28 deg C to over 39 deg C. As I said we are in unusually cool weather at the moment - Death Valley has recorded up to 57 deg C!
There is no water in the valley now, it all dried up some millennia ago and left the worlds largest salt deposits. See the white in the photos, it covers large areas and is up to 6 feet thick. The Borax was mined from the 1860s until it became uneconomic.
On the way out it started to rain!!!
By the way try to spot Steven with the bikes.
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